Wednesday, August 21, 2013

20 Years of Marriage!

Our Wedding Day ~ August 21,1993
I do! And then some!
I now pronounce you....
I had to make our cake topper 
because interracial toppers didn't exist 20 years ago
Filled with joy!
Awwww ~ Daddy and daughter so long ago!
Jamie and I NEVER imagined 21 years ago, on that fateful day on the freewaythat today, we would be celebrating 20 years of marriage! The odds were not only stacked against us, they were piled high! However, through it ALL, we grew more in love, created a beautiful life and raised a loving family. 

Even though in our eyes we are just a couple, to society we are an interracial couple. We deal with so much more than couples that are of the same race. Sometimes it's mind boggling. We could have easily walked away all those years ago and decided that it wasn't worth the extra struggle to move forward in a relationship, but instead, we did the exact opposite and became stronger in spite of the obstacles. Each brick that was thrown at us made our foundation even stronger and our love even deeper. It's a choice to make it work and a choice we are blessed to have made. 

We not only have the obvious race difference but we are from VERY different worlds. I was raised in upper/middle class, white bread suburbia and Jamie was raised in the hood. Night and day lives, that came together because of 2 hearts and one love. We embraced each other's worlds and we raised our beautiful daughter to appreciate both and feel comfortable in both. Today we live in the middle of the 2 and it works perfectly. Who knew that Jamie would be attending book signings and going to see things like the artsy fartsy mosaic stairs in San Fran and I would be attending ghetto fabulous lowrider shows and car shows! It makes me laugh just thinking about it! Partnership and compromise at its finest!  

Through laughter, tears, love, loss, happiness, sadness, anger, relief, ups and downs...I am grateful for every moment of every single day during these last 20 years of marriage. 

Happy anniversary to my best friend and my soul-mate. Thank you for our CRAZY, AMAZING, LIFE! I Love you Jamie Wise! Here's to 20 more!

Our Fam ~ August 2013
 Us 2013
20 years later! More in love than ever!!


Anonymous said...

Love you two and am so happy to celebrate your day. I am also happy you don't have those crazy bangs and curls anymore. :) Love you Amy Wise and I am so happy I met you and can call you my friend. Also, to Jamie, I will always be YPJ.

Amy Wise said...

Awww Madge thank you! Those bangs and curls were the "poppin" style back then! LOL! Much love to you my dear friend. Much love.

Ralf said...

This is great!

Amy Wise said...


Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by!