Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Luckiest Girl in the World......

She came home, all wrapped in pink, to a house that was filled with love.

Her childhood had many faces and many places, and friends from all around.

She kept old friends and made new friends, and was always ready for more.

There were times when change wasn't so easy for her, and she gave you lots of grief.

You never stopped loving her, you never stopped believing in her

and even when you wanted to, you never gave up on her.

She finally grew out of it, and became more mature, and thankfully lessons were learned.

She went off to college, and traveled the world, because you gave her wings to fly.

She loved and she lost, you stood by her side, while she picked up the pieces of her life.

She became her own woman, she loved again, this time it was for keeps.

There were smiles all around as she started a family, a new little girl of her own.

Her family grew up, right before her eyes, and then she continued to grow.

She went on, to follow her dreams of making it on her own.

Then her dream was destroyed, and once again, you were there to help her through the storm.

The storm is still raging, but she is not, for a new dream has now been born.

She is stronger than ever, no matter the hurdles, because she knows she's never alone.

Who was that baby wrapped in a blanket so many years ago?

That baby was me, and all I can say is I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

I write these words deep down from my soul, to my beautiful parents, who gave me so much.

You made me feel special because I was chosen, and you told me I came from your heart.

I thank you for loving me, I thank you for choosing me, I thank you from my core.

I will love you forever, and always be thankful, that I was the one you chose.


(Originally written and posted in 2010)


Anonymous said...

WOW Miss Amy. What a tribute to your parents. I love you and I love them for raising you to be open and honest. Maybe one day I will get to meet them.

Amy Wise said...


Thank you so much for the beautiful words. I would LOVE for you to meet them! I love you right back and love that you are in my life! Wow...that's lots of love! =) A.

Nay K. said...

Monday, 27 December 2010

Ms. Wise: Por fin. This is the one that I have been waiting for you to write, giving parents their props. Thanks for the beautifully touching poem that you wrote to your well deserving father and mother.

I too feel very blessed to have my mom and dad to have such beautiful hearts and the way they raised and taught my siblings and I and also to my grandparents, eventhough my grandparents have long since left the planet.

May the love and peace of God always be with you, Jaime, Tat and your parents.

In closing, I strongly recommend that you listen to two spirit filled songs,
"Lean On Me" by Kirk Franklin and "Great Is Your Mercy" by Donnie McClurkin. See them on YouTube.
Miami Heat rules.
Peace & Blessings.

Amy Wise said...

Nay K,

Thank you! This one is from the depths of my heart. I LOVED writing it! Thank you thank you!


Padmavani said...

Beautiful Amy. I hope your parents read this; they must feel so fulfilled. So much soul in there...

Amy Wise said...


Thank you so much! I actually gave this to my parents as a gift in a frame. I never intended to share it on my blogs but then decided to and I'm so glad I did. I have had a wonderful response from others that have been adopted as well. Thank you for reading Padmavani! Happy new year!


Rhea said...

It took me a while to get back to the blog and see this MOST AMAZING post! My dear friend, you were an inspiration to us when we began our journey towards adoption and you remain an inspiration today. You have no idea how much I needed to read those words today. The road can be long, especially when parenting a brilliant, beautiful, powerful little girl who was so deeply and painfully damaged before coming into our lives. She may not have come to us as a tiny pink bundle, but we chose her just the same. When she has amazing role models like you, I hope it will offer her hope for finding her way in this world.

Amy Wise said...


Your comment literally made my heart sing. You and Paul are such amazing people for becoming Mama and Daddy to Desi and Ben. You are all blessed equally to have each other. Through the challenges and the days when you think, how can I do this?...the light and the love takes over and you realize, "how can I not!" We LOVE you guys!

Love A.

Hollye Dexter said...

So sweet! I'll bet your Momma is proud and so very happy she chose you!

Amy Wise said...

I'm so happy she did! =)