Monday, June 1, 2009

Through Good Times and Bad and Why I Write This Blog...

Why do I write this blog? There are many reasons, and they have become ever more apparent as the days go on. When I started thinking about writing I had no intention of writing about interracial marriage. My husband knew I wanted to write and he suggested that I start a blog about that topic. My mind was elsewhere. I was going to write a book about all of the things that we have gone through as a family in the last two years. We were living a very different life just two short years ago. We were running a two family business and living the American Dream. We had a beautiful Candy Bouquet/Gift Store for four wonderful years. Two years ago we found out that instead of our building receiving drinking water we were actually receiving reclaimed sewer water! Needless to say the media onslaught began and the customers ran far, far away. We finally figured out why we were all sick, and our store sadly had to close because customers just did not want to come back. Who can blame them? We are now living in the mess of the legal system and the destruction of our dream that we worked so hard to build. However, while everything else has fallen apart around us, our marriage has continued to grow. It has not been easy and each day in this legal nightmare we are living we struggle to make sense of it all. Without going into all of the negative detail, I was going to write about the injustice that the innocent parties go through, but instead here I am writing about my experiences in an interracial marriage. I am happy to be focused on something else and thrilled to see what is transpiring from this blog. I have had so much wonderful feedback from family, friends, and even strangers who are now becoming friends because of this blog. So from bad, comes a little good, from lemons, comes a little lemonade. I don't know where this will lead, but for now I am just enjoying the writing and all it is bringing. It's funny because when you take the vows that say, "through good times and bad" and "for better or worse" it's easy to say, but not always easy to live. It's a piece of cake to make it through the good times, but if you can make it through the bad, and I mean really, really can make it through anything! That is what the core of this blog is about. Some days my stories will be fun and silly, and some days my stories will be deep and inspirational, just like life. I don't profess to be an expert on interracial marriage or marriage in general, but after sixteen years I have a lot to share and a lot to give. =) So whether you are reading this blog because you too are in a mixed race marriage and can totally relate, or you're reading it because marriage is marriage, I hope each of you gets something from this little piece of me that inspires you. Enjoy, and thank you for taking the time to stop by and read The Many Shades of Love, and remember you can get through most anything if you work together!


Anonymous said...

Amy, Reading your blog is like watching a flower slowly open up and become more beautiful each day. As a parent we have hopes of what we want our children to become --honest, kind, happy, etc. It is wonderful to watch your child blossom into such a caring, intelligent adult with the ability to see the best in people. I am very proud of you. In fact,I am extremely proud of all 3 of my children. What a pleasure it has been to watch you all raising my grandchildren. I feel very lucky. Love, Mom

Amy said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. You made me cry. Happy tears. =) Where do you think the traits came from that you and Dad!!! So thank YOU for all you have taught me and thank YOU for all of your amazing support over these last 2 years. We have a ways to go but we couldn't have gotten this far without the two of you! We are blessed. Love you..A.

Anonymous said...

ok, MOM!!! Me crying too!!! I didn't know it was your comment until the end....That was just beautiful.....Nancy Mallory

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for writing this blog. I am a multiracial woman married to a white man..and lord knows we have had some of the same experiences. Thank you for your honesty.

Amy said...

Ms. Young,

You are so very welcome! Thank you for reading. I am so happy that there are people out there that relate! At first I didn't think there would be. It's nice to know that we can all "be there" for each other. =) Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog. Keep the comments coming I love them!

KATO said...

Amy: I just wrote you a long e-letter prior to going to your blog.

I hope this e-blog response finds you, your husband in great health. I am NOT a blog person, but you are getting me hooked on just yours and Heather's too, if she gets one.

Anyhoo, I just saw the photo of you with your husband and daughter. I just wanted to say that she look like you, Amy. The only difference is that she has that perfect skin tone that nearly all bi-racial people have.

I truly wish that more famous interracial couples or bi-racial people would join and support LD.Org... There are a more out there than we think. Check out this wonderful site and pass it on.

Go on line to:

Keep up the great work.

Peace & Blessings
Miami {Little Cuba} Florida

Amy said...


Thank you for the comment and for reading my blog! I am so happy that you are enjoying it and feel blessed to have this new connection! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


I sent you a response via email as well. =)

Karen MEG said...

Amy, I just found your blog and I have NO IDEA how I got here LOL! I love your writing though, and your family is gorgeous (and your daughter esp. is such a beauty)! It's very interesting reading your back story, and I understand your passion for writing.
I'm also in an interracial marriage, Asian/White, and never knew until a recent study up here in Canada how rare it was, as it always seemed almost the norm based on the people I hung out with, I guess. Less rare these days but who knew we were "pioneers" of sorts.
Look forward to reading more of your stories...

Amy said...


Well I'm so glad you did find me! Thank you for reading. Isn't it weird to hear we are not the norm? I just think of Us as US!
We were pioneers and in a sense continue to be. Today ironically is our 17th wedding anniversary! Thank you again for reading and have a beautiful weekend!