Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Injustice At Its Worst.......

Almost 4 years after they stood in front of these very same news cameras Otay Water, City of Chula Vista, Bremco, Seymour Lewis Development et al, have done nothing but destroy us.....this can't be allowed to happen to innocent victims...it just can't....check out a portion of the video from our story.....speak up and get angry! This must stop!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Oh Lordy, Lordy!"

This past Friday was a beautiful crisp Fall night in San Diego. Our daughter Tatiana was out of town taking dance classes in Vegas and Jamie and I had the weekend to ourselves. Friday afternoon, I announced, “Let the adult weekend begin!” Of course everyone’s minds went straight to the gutter!  =)  We however “got out of the gutter” and decided to go to dinner and then to Fashion Valley Mall for a stroll. Fashion Valley is an outdoor mall filled with beautiful high end stores and lovely Christmas decorations. Not Jamie’s cup of tea at all, but we both decided it would be nice to walk around and enjoy the night air after dinner. As we got out of our car and started walking toward the stores, a man walked by us (this man so happened to be black) and said, “Oh lordy, lordy, it’s a black man with a white woman!” Mind you, he said this loudly, pretty much at the top of his lungs. Jamie and I looked at each other and just laughed! Normally I would have been offended, but the way he said it just struck us as funny for some reason.

Well, it didn’t stop there. He literally watched us, and kept making comments as he waited for the elevator. He went on to say, “Aaaand it’s a black man, with a white woman, at a white mall, oh lordy!” White mall? I’m not sure where that came from because everyone and their “brother”, no pun intended, shops there. He repeated the black man/white woman thing a couple of more times. By now the comedy had worn off and he had become irritating. Jamie said, “Really…” and then gave him a look that changed the guy’s tune. He said, “Aw, it’s all good man, you and your wife have a nice night together.” It was the weirdest thing.

What makes someone say things like that out loud, and not only that, but what makes them think it’s okay? Would he ever say that to a couple that wasn’t mixed? Picture it: “Oh lordy, lordy it’s a white man with a white woman!” I guess it’s just not as catchy huh? It’s funny to me that someone feels the need to “point out” our race to us. Clearly I know I’m white, and clearly Jamie knows he’s black, and CLEARLY we know that we’re together! But gosh, just in case we weren’t sure…thanks for pointing that out Mr. Man! We “appreciate” it! By the way…let me point out to YOU, if you haven’t looked at your calendar lately…it’s 2010, not 1910.

Maybe I should have said, “Oh lordy, lordy, it’s a black man that needs to keep his opinions to himself.” We all know what they say about opinions now don’t we? ‘Nuf said, especially by you, Mr. Man.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flashback....Driving Miss Daisy....

In honor of Driving Miss Daisy playing on Broadway with Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones I thought I would share this one again.....this is a story I posted in May of '09. Enjoy....it still makes me giggle. =)
One of the things I love about my husband is, he always makes me laugh. He must have been a comedian in a former life because he is hilarious! There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't make me crack up in one way or another. Let's just say, most days I never know what I am going to get! Some days it drives me crazy, but I love that about him....it's just him. On one of the particularly funny days, we were visiting my parents in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We needed to run errands so we borrowed my Dad's car to go to the grocery store. Of course Jamie drove because he does not like me driving if he is in the car. I am a great driver by the way so I don't know what the issue is! So anyway, we get to the grocery store and pull into the parking lot. I just needed to run in and pick up a couple of things so Jamie said he would wait in the car. As I am getting out of the car (which happens to be a luxury car, and this only matters because of what comes next) Jamie sticks his head out of the window, and in his best Southern accent, with a huge smile on his face, says, "Okay Miss Daisy I'll be sittin' right here waitin' for ya! You be careful now Miss Daisy!" I almost died! The parking lot was full of people walking around, and remember we were in Lake Oswego, Oregon...not exactly a melting pot. I think I turned 500 shades of red and Jamie just sat in the car cracking up while people stared at us! Hilarity at it's best! Once in a while when we are in just the "perfect area," he will pull this lovely little comedic rabbit out of his hat for a re-run, and each time I am just as embarrassed, and each time it is just as funny! Next time I'm driving! =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Secret"...Love in Black and White.....

I’m not sure how many of you have seen the new video from Seal featuring his wife Heidi Klum. If you haven’t you can check it out here. I absolutely love this video. This is what two people in love feel for each other. It’s not about being black and white, famous or not famous, it’s about being in love. The beauty of this video speaks volumes for interracial couples, or, for that matter, all couples. I applaud Seal and Heidi for putting this out there. It’s racy, and it’s personal, but most of all, it’s romantic and touching. The contrast of their skin, the looks in their eyes, and the words in the song…beautiful.

Sadly when an interracial couple is “out there” there is always some form of hate that comes out of the woodwork. In this case it’s in the form of the comment section. I read through some of the comments and thankfully most of them voiced nothing but praise for the video and all its beauty. However there were some comments that just made me sad. I won’t print them because they don’t deserve “air time.” All I can say is, I feel for people who don’t get to experience all that the world has to offer. They choose to close themselves off from people and places that are not like them, so they miss out. They choose to hate people who are in situations different from theirs, so they live with anger. To me living with hate would be just like dying a little inside each and every day. We don’t all have to agree, but there is no need to be hateful when we don’t.

Love is a beautiful thing and if you happen to find it with someone of a different race, then yippee! Celebrate! When in doubt, watch this video again and realize that love comes in all colors. Or, you can just ask me…18 loving years later…Jamie and I are living proof of love in black and white.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Honorary Black Person"

 It’s official…I’ve been with Jamie so long I’m now an “honorary black person!” I’m not making this stuff up. We were in a meeting the other day with a room full of people and the meeting was not going well. One of the people said, in a joking manner, “It’s cause we’re black, that’s why this isn’t working out.” Everyone laughed and then I looked at the person that said that, tilted my head, pointed at myself, and said, “Um excuse me…helloooo..,white person in the room.” He looked at me and said, “Whatever, you’re not white, you’re an honorary black person.” I was the only white person in the room, but apparently not really, because according to him I’m an “honorary black person”! Who knew!?

Hmm…what does it take to get that title? Is it because everyone is so used to me being with Jamie? Is it because it’s easier to make the jokes if I’m the honorary black person instead of the white person? It’s a curious thing this distinction, or maybe I should look at it as lack thereof. No distinction is what we all want! This is a good thing.

Back in the day when Jamie and I first got together I was the “devil” white woman…no, seriously, that’s what I was called by some, so it seems I have come a VERY long way now that I’m the “honorary black person.” I should celebrate this milestone…with wine perhaps!

All joking aside, I think what it comes down to is, I’m comfortable no matter who I’m with or what setting I’m in. I try and “make friends” no matter where I go because I just love people. So whether I’m in a room full of black people, white people or purple people, it’s all good, all the time. That’s my hope for everyone.

I still feel like I should get a certificate or something:
Amy Wise – Honorary Black Person. It kind of has a ring to it don’t ya think?