Monday, June 28, 2010

"She's Your Kind"

Great Niece, Niece, Daughter and Me
Once a month my family and I volunteer at Angelfood.  My Sister n Law runs the program at her church for our particular area.  It's a lot of work but oh so much fun!  It has become quite the family affair!  We volunteered as always this past weekend.  Customer after customer lined up to get the food they ordered.  One woman in particular came up to me and made it a point to say, "Hi Amy," and then continued to have a little conversation while she waited for her food.  She does this each time she comes to the church.  She just so happens to be white and the church just so happens to be a "black church."  Not that everyone and their brother isn't welcome, it just so happens to be that way.  =) After the woman left, I turned to my niece (my husband's side of the fam) and said, "That lady is so sweet, she always comes up to me and talks to me while she waits for her food."  My Niece then said, "It's because you are her kind."  It took a second for me to process what she said, then I realized what she meant, and said,  "Oh, because we are both white? Ya think!?"  My Niece said, "Ya!"  Then we both just laughed!  So does this lady automatically come talk to me because I'm white and that makes her more comfortable?  Or is this just what my Niece thinks?  It's all so odd to me, because I soooo don't think that way. I'm the only white person on so many occasions and am so used to it, that I just don't go there in my brain. =)  I hope the lady talks to me because I'm friendly......but everyone there is friendly, so why does she always pinpoint me?  Is my Niece right?  Is it really because I'm "her kind?" Hmmm.......something to ponder.       

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two Men...Different Worlds...One Love....Happy Father's Day!

Dad and Hubby
Two men from different worlds.  Two men that respect each other. Two men that love each other.  Two men that I never would have imagined being part of the same family.  Two men that have been there through everything. Two men that have made me who I am today. Two men that give unconditional love.  Two men that are amazing Dads.  Two men that I love with all my heart and all my soul.  Two men, different love.    Happy Fathers Day!!  I love you both! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Loving Day".....The Right to Live in Love!

Amy and and loving in 2010
Mildred and and loving in 1967
There are days when I simply  forget how far we have come because I'm just living, and there are days when I realize how far we still have to go.  However, there is one day that will always be special to me, and that is..."Loving Day."  Yes you read it right..."Loving Day!"  I'm sure there are many of you out there that don't even realize what Loving Day is or what it represents, but to me it represents my heart, my marriage, my love.  So what is it?  It's the anniversary of the June 12th, 1967 Supreme Court decision....

Loving vs. Virginia ~ "There can be no doubt that restricting the freedom to marry solely because of racial classifications violates the central meaning of the equal protection clause." 

Richard and Mildred Loving, a mixed race couple....(how PERFECT is their last name by the way...REALLY, that is their last name!).....were forced to leave their home state of Virginia after they married, because back in the late 60's their union was still illegal in 16 states! Yes..illegal! :( They  had two options....go to jail, or leave Virginia.  They packed up and moved to WA, D.C. and the rest, as they say, is history.  They didn't just move, they fought, they won, they LOVED!  Bravery, courage, determination, and true love won out.  How cool is that!?!  Because of this amazing couple my husband and I are free to live and free to love!  I can't imagine having to fight for the right to marry the man I love.  I would question in my mind! I would fight like a lion!  It still boggles my mind to even think that it was illegal for two people to marry solely because of the color of their skin. This was during my lifetime no less.  How insane were "we" back then!?  This is why it is so important to always fight for what is right.  If we stay quiet and do nothing, then nothing happens. If we speak up, and teach tolerance, then everything can happen! Sometimes laws might be changed and sometimes minds might be changed.....either way, we move forward, and that my friends is a good thing!  So to Richard and Mildred Loving, a brave couple who stood up for the their love and their rights, here's to you, from all of "us"....thank you Loving's for giving us the RIGHT to live in LOVE!  

For more information about this special day and this amazing couple visit:

For more information on their struggle:

I want to send a special shout out to one of my readers.  Her name is Heather and she is putting on a Loving Day photo essay in her home state of Missouri. The photo essay will include interracial couples that Heather knows from around the country.  My family will be one of the featured families in her essay. I just want to say thank you Heather for including us in your celebration all the way in Missouri!  Very cool! 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank YOU!!!!........

Lately my schedule has not given me much time to write on my blog.  I keep taking notes about various events or situations and little by little the notes will all make their way to the blog.  Life tends to get in the way!  =)  I wish I could write all day long because I truly enjoy it!! 

Today my post however is about all of YOU out there in cyberland!  I just want to take a moment to say thank you for reading and thank you for all of your beautiful comments.  I have made many new friends across the world because of this blog and I just LOVE that we are all here for a common reason, and that is.....LOVE, pure and simple.   I am blessed to be in such an amazing marriage and even more blessed to be able to share it with all of you.  So thank YOU for taking time out of your day to read and to comment and to now be part of my life.  I truly appreciate it!  Here's to many more years of happy relationships whatever mix they might be!! 

More posts to come....if only there were 48 hours in a day!  =)  Amy