Monday, January 23, 2012

An Unlikely Pair and the Ruby Ring...

15 years ago Jamie and I made a decision that would change our lives forever. We moved from the city of San Diego to the burbs of San Diego. It was time for us to go from home-renters to homeowners. We did our research, looked for nice neighborhoods, with good schools and lots of parks and outdoor areas. We found a brand new community in the Southbay and decided to check it out. Once we rounded the corner into this beautiful new neighborhood, I immediately felt this was going to be our home. Jamie however wasn't so sure. After looking at many houses on various streets we came across the house. The minute we walked through the front door I just knew this was the house where Tatiana would grow up. We looked from room to room and then went to the backyard to check out the possibilities of what was then a blank slate.

Suddenly a head popped up over the fence and said, "Are you two buying this house?" I swear it was a scene out of the old TV show, Home Improvement. It was as if Mr. Wilson lived next door! Shortly thereafter we found out it wasn't Mr. Wilson after all, it was Mr. Jim. Mr. Jim and his wife Miss Corinne (as we affectionately call them) would soon become our new neighbors because we ended up buying the house! It was 1997 and Tatiana was 2 years old. 

Mr. Jim and Jamie became fast friends. At the time Jim was in his 70's and Jamie was in his 30's. They were quite the pair. They gave each other grief like father and son and very quickly considered each other just that. It was an unlikely pairing of two of the most opposite people on the planet...but it worked. Kind of like us!

One of the things the two of them always joked about was Jim's ruby ring. Jamie always called it his pimp ring! Jim always said he was going to give it to Jamie when he died. It was in jest but it always freaked me out when they talked about it. I could go on and on about the bantering back and forth that Mr. Jim and Jamie did over the years. It was a strange love but it was theirs.

Sadly, we lost Mr. Jim quite a few years ago and that was truly one of the saddest days we can remember. We were all devastated but Jamie was heartbroken. It was as if he had lost his own dad.

Jim's relatives flew in from New Orleans for the memorial service and as we were all sitting in Miss Corinne's dining room she came downstairs with a box. She handed it to Jamie and told him that Jim thought of him as a son and always wanted him to have his ring. There was not a dry eye in the house. Jamie now wears Mr. Jim's ring every single day. If it's not on his finger because of work, it's around his neck on a chain...always close to his heart.

Little did we know, 15 long years ago, that not only would we raise Tatiana in our wonderful home, but we would also have a built in California family right next door. Mr. Jim is now our angel in heaven and Miss Corinne is our angel on earth, otherwise known as our Cali Mom. How lucky are we?!


Anonymous said...

So very lucky. I can see why you loved this family and still have Miss Corrine in your life. What a treat.

Nay K. said...

Amy & Jamie: That is a beautiful story. To para-quote the great movie star Humphrey Bogart's Rick in "Casablanca"--"That was the start and lasting of a beautiful friendship." Another thing that makes is so beautiful is Jim was in his 70's and had such an open heart and mind with Jamie and you. A lot of people in his time would have been just the opposite in his thinking, Blacks or Whites.

Georgie said...

Oh Amy…..such a sweet story!!! The love we find all around us is so amazing!!! You are all blessed. Thank God for all the positive in the world to negate the negative. Sending my love to you all ♥

Amy Wise said...

Madge, Nay K. and Georgie,

Thank you all so much. The relationship we have with Miss Corinne and had with Mr. Jim is so very special. Our life in our neighborhood would not have been the same without them next door. So wonderful, so amazing!

Hugs all!


Lorraine said...

What a beautiful site. Maurice (Jim) was my favorite uncle. We used to chat online every day. I never could call him Jim because that was my Dad's name who died last year, he was Maurices' oldest brother. We would be chatting sometimes in the early morning hours like 1-2-3 or 4 in the morning. I think we were both nocturnal. To this very day I can feel my heart breaking when I talk about him. I would love to see the ring.
Lorraine Jemison Weindel
P.S. Tell my Aunt Corrine thanks for passing on your blog...

Amy Wise said...


Hello! I'm so glad you were able to read this story! Miss Corinne is truly our Cali mom. We would do anything for her. My mom is in Oregon and Jamie's mom passed away many years ago. Mr. Jim and Miss Corinne have been more than a blessing in our lives. Thank you for reading and for sharing your story. Hugs sent to New Orleans!


Lorraine said...

Hi Amy, I miss Jim more today then ever. Today is the anniversary date of my Dad (Jim)'s passing. It's been 2 years. My dad was one of 5 children. Dad was the oldest. All his brothers, Jim included and sisters except for Mary his youngest have passed away. I have passed your blog on to her again. I know she will enjoy it again. Please watch over Corinne and send her my love.
Lorraine Jemison Weindel
God Bless you both.

Amy Wise said...


It's so great to hear from you! We miss Jim so much too. It's just not the same without him. Miss Corinne has been such a blessing in our lives. Our "Cali Mom" as we call her is our angel next door. We watch over her all the time and are here for whatever she needs 24/7. We are all so lucky to have each other. Thank you for reaching out again. Best wishes to you...Amy