Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pirate Play.....

 Us in Sunriver, OR
Tatiana and Me....Christmas in Sunriver, OR
Happy New Year everyone! As you can see I took a little break from writing over the holidays. The fam and I took a vacation and spent some much needed time away in Sunriver, Oregon with 27 of my relatives. Every 4 years we ALL meet in Sunriver for a fun filled Christmas celebration. Our group included, my parents, aunts, uncles, brother, sister, nieces, nephews, cousins, children, girlfriends and boyfriends! We had 4 lovely cabins on the same street which enabled us to go back and forth for meals, movies, games and fun! My parents cabin even had a Christmas tree, so of course we had Christmas dinner there for the full holiday effect.

I have been going to Sunriver with my family since I was in 4th grade. Without doing the math, let's just say that's a VERY long time! I love that I'm now sharing a piece of my childhood with Jamie and Tatiana. Besides going every 4 years with everyone for Christmas, we try and go off and on with my parents and siblings in the Summer or Fall just for fun.

This particular visit had an unusual twist to the activities. When I say unusual, that is truly an understatement. My Uncle Joey, who I just love, brought his girlfriend with him this year. The 2 of them make a perfect couple as they are both a bit eccentric. I LOVE that about them because I can totally relate! They met in the theater in their small town in Washington. Joey was performing and Carol was part of the "crew." Being the creative people that they are you never know what you are going to get. that! This time what we got was...drum roll please....a Pirate Play! Yes, that's right....a Pirate Play.

Carol wrote a play 5 years ago and thought it would be fun if the family could actually act it out together with costumes and all! She brought 2 suitcases full of amazing costumes and accessories, along with scripts for everyone. She went around to each of us and asked who wanted to participate in the play and who wanted to be audience members. I had EVERY intention of being an audience member until she looked at me and said, "I'm counting on you to participate." Well, for some reason I just couldn't say no! I think it was the look in her eyes. =) Jamie, on the other hand, had no problem saying no! He thought it was HILARIOUS that we were actually doing a pirate play! Um, his exact words..."white people" followed by lots of laughter! Bella the Fortune Teller in the Pirate Play
Uncle Joey and Girlfriend Carol  
Needless to say we ALL got a kick out of the play and had a blast doing it. The audience members couldn't believe what they were seeing, and all of us will probably talk about this particular Christmas festivity for years to come! Jamie is still cracking up to this day.

Jamie as an audience member. Me as a play participant.
Next year we are spending the holidays with Jamie's family and I can guarantee there will not be any Pirate Plays! Hmmm....maybe I should suggest it? ;)


Anonymous said...

Such fun.

Amy Wise said...


Yes it was!!! <3

Hollye Dexter said...

What wonderful family traditions you have- and now the pirate play can become one of them. Yay for your uncle for choosing such an awesome girlfriend.

Georgie said...

Arrrrrrggggghh Matie….that was a mighty fine story!!! And a mighty fine family ya got there!! Ya walked the plank right into my heart……


(that was all said in my pirate voice, of course)


Love you ♥

Amy Wise said...

Hollye and Georgie,

It was so hilarious! Hollye agree 100% on the girlfriend choice and are hilarious! Ayyyy you both! A.

Nay K. said...

Amy & Jamie & Tatiana: Sending all of you a happy after holidays greeting. Glad it was fun for all of you. I don't know about the Pirate play, but it looked like fun. As for me, my wife and stepdaughter, Giselle, we went to my youngest son and his wife at their home for Christmas, since he is the married one now. Her parents and two brothers were there and it was great.

Amy Wise said...

Nay K,

Happy New Year! I'm so glad you had a nice time with the family. That's what the holidays are all about! I hope 2012 is an amazing year for you!