Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Injustice At Its Worst.......

Almost 4 years after they stood in front of these very same news cameras Otay Water, City of Chula Vista, Bremco, Seymour Lewis Development et al, have done nothing but destroy us.....this can't be allowed to happen to innocent victims...it just can't....check out a portion of the video from our story.....speak up and get angry! This must stop!



Anonymous said...

Yes, it must and I know you have the energy to stick it out.

Amy Wise said...

Oh Madge thank you. You know I do! I am more determined now then ever! Hugs...A.

NAY K. said...

Amy: I am proud of you. You are strong willed, taking on a giant in this water case. I want you to give it all you got.

You maybe one little person going up against a corporation, but remember in the Bible, David fought Golaith and won.

When I think of you in this case, here is my new nickname for you
Amy "Erin Brockovich" Wise. Talented star Julia Roberts played her about a real life water case in a dumpy little town of Hinkley, Ca and won big and you can do the same. You go girl.

Amy Wise said...

Nay K,

Thank you for the support! I am never going to give up and I am going to fight until we are made whole again. It's the right thing and that is what needs to be done. Period. I have been told the Erin Brokovich comparison more than once. =) It's a compliment because wow was she a fighter! Me too to the bitter end!