Monday, July 12, 2010

Is That Your Mom?

After one of the many dance recitals.
So the other day I was off work early and was able to pick our daughter up from dance.  Normally my schedule only allows me to pick up once a week and my husband covers the rest.  However, this particular night I was able to pick her up from the class that she asst. teaches.  I love being able to see this class because it wasn't that long ago that Tatiana was one of the little she is helping to teach them!  Crazy!  All you Mom's out there...and Dad's too, you get it, right?  It's heart warming and freaky at the same time.  How do they grow up so fast!?  Anywho, back to the story...after the class was over, and my heart was all warm and gushy, we were walking out to the car and two of little dancers that Tat teaches were sitting on the curb while their Moms talked.  One little girl just so happened to be Black and the other little girl was Hispanic.  As we were walking by, the little girl who is black said, "Miss Tatiana, is that your Mom?"  Tat said, "Yes."  The little girl said, "Ohhhh, I like her!"  Right after she said that, the little girl who is Hispanic said, "Blanca!"  Tatiana and I just cracked up!!!  First of all, the fact that they were so surprised that I was blanca (white) was hilarious in itself, but the fact that they were excited about it was even funnier!  It still blows my mind, that people, whether little or big, are so shocked that I am Tatiana's Mom.  I am here to tell you, that YES, I am her Mom!  :)  


Teri Cohen said...


Oh how many times I have heard that phrase before =) Its funny, I have my beautiful "caramel" daughter (who I've raised since she was 11 who is a little darker than me) my two beautiful "brown" sons, my blond haired, blue eyed handsome son, and then my baby who looks like talk about strange looks from people when you're out in public and they are ALL calling you momma lol !!


Amy said...

Teri I love it! You have such a beautiful "rainbow" of kids!! I can imagine the looks!!!

Hugs sent your way!


Tonya Ingram said...

It's probably never going to go away no matter how 'mixed' our world gets. I get it often too and imagine as they get older it will continue. Even now as they are dark from spending every day outside at the YMCA, it's probably even more confusing to some of how I can be their mom. Funny story... I was looking for Caleb at a birthday party Sunday and looked all over him... even saw the back of him but thought he was someone else because his back was so dark. Need to take a pic of him.

Amy said...


That is hilarious that you didn't recognize your own son! You are right about it always being there. I am sure it will change a bit but the questions will always arise. Thanks for always reading! Loving the pics of your boys!


Anonymous said...

I actually think Tatiana looks just like you!!! When Nico was a baby in daycare and there was a new teacher, they would always reach for one of the few white babies in the class, and I pick up my gorgeous dark skinned baby with black eyes that I could just dive into.


Amy said...

Jenn it is just soooooo funny that it is always a constant surprise to people. I wrote about it on my blog last year too and I remember you were saying the same things. I had to put this story on there because those two little girls were just hilarious!!! Hugs lady!