Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adjusting to Each Other.....

My latest story on The Next Family


Anonymous said...

Just read this post on Nextfamily, but thought I would comment here. It's so wonderful that you appreciate each others' differences and that those differences make your relationship unique and strong. Ray and I are also opposites in many ways, other than just the obvious. ;) I was curious what zodiac signs you and Jamie are. Ray is Capricorn and I am Libra. Very different indeed, but yet, it works. Hope all is well with you and your family. I have been busy as usual and miss being in touch on a regular basis. I'm hoping things settle down soon. I need some non-crazy down time. :)

Amy said...

Hi Heather!

Being opposite is fun if you ask me....never a boring moment, that is for sure! The funny thing is Jamie and I are BOTH Aries! Imagine? Talk about two rams butting heads! We make it work though. It's all about compromise and coming to the middle! I miss being in touch with you as well. I am a little overwhelmed with everything right now...I really need 48 hours in a day! So happy to hear you and Ray are doing so well! Hugs!