Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll Be Your White Friend!

I am a member of this great site called She Writes @  It's a site filled with women writers from all over, who are on there for the purpose of helping each other grow in their writing.  It's inspiring!

Yesterday, as I was catching up on the site, one of the many posts caught my eye.  The post was from a writer named Lori Tharps.  She was asking "white writers" on the site to become her "white friends,"  buy her book, and pass the word to their "white friends" about her book.  I kid you not!  Guts huh!?  I'm sure there were a lot of people on the site that were taken aback by her request, but I totally get it. Why, you ask?  Me being a "white writer," how would I get it?  Well, she is a black writer about to publish her third book and books for some reason get categorized just like people do.  We assume that only black people are going to read books written by black authors, so that is the "pile" they get filed in.  It's the weirdest thing.  It's almost habit for people.  Will my book about interracial marriage get both categories because it's "half black and half white!?"  Hmmm?  It's nuts!  Authors are authors, black, white or otherwise!

Sometimes I feel like we are going backwards when it's comes to thinking and talking about race.  I don't get it. It's 2010 for goodness sake.  I always think I'm going to run out of things to talk about on my blog, yet every single day something about race comes up in my daily living.  It's kind of mind blowing.  I don't seek it just happens.  If I wrote it all down I would have a library, not just a blog or book.      

So even though I've never met Lori Tharps, except in cyber space, and I have yet to read her book "Substitute Me" because it's not quite published yet, I'm going to be her new "white friend,"  I'm going to buy her book, and I'm going to pass the word to other's to do the same.

Maybe, eventually her book will not be a "black book" but just a "book."  It's a perfect analogy for my marriage.....I have the same hopes, that maybe one day, it will just be a "marriage" and not an "interracial marriage!"  It's possible right?  Now get to reading!  =)


Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike. I read this today too.

Amy said...'s wild to me that she would have to ask but it's so true!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I hope you enjoy my blog and become a follower. So glad we are cyber buddies. One day meeting in person.

Ann said...

I think it's tough for any writer to have a limited audience. Becoming known and widely read is the great equalizer. Your writing has to appeal to a broader audience, but that can only happen if that audience is open to the experience. Do you remember when there were "women writers?" And then there was "multicultural fiction," which had its own little shelf somewhere south of the literature section.

Anonymous said...

Do people honestly think of an author's race when considering a book? I have to say I never even give it a thought and if there happens to be a picture on the cover it doesn't register that "Oh, this is a black author's book" or "Whew, this is a white writer's book". Weird that people would worry about an author's race or ethnicity when considering whether or not to buy and/or read a book.


Amy said...


I am reading your blog and enjoying it! I am loving that we are cyber buddies as well, and can't wait for a Next Fam get together. I would love to meet you in person!



So true..remember when "women writers" wrote as "men?" Oh the labels! I love that you are writing woman!! Way to get started!



Good luck with you book!!!

Zetta Brown said...

Amy - I like your style. And big UPS to Lori.

Amy said...


Thank you!!! Thanks for checking out my blog!