Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Embrace it, Don’t Erase it!


Anonymous said...

Gosh Amy,

How do you always seem to know what I’m going through at the time? Jared’s grandfather has been telling Jared the same thing lately which has been so confusing for him. Jared said “Mommy, granddaddy says that I’m black but you’re white and daddy is black, so I’m black and white, right?” He has even gotten to the point where he doesn’t really like to go visit now because he says “Granddaddy just forgets about you mama”. I know the earlier generation had it so rough and I understand that, but don’t understand why everyone wants to “forget” the mom. It’s like we’re something to be ashamed of. I’m with you…Jared and I went through so much when he was born and wouldn’t even be here without God’s grace, so its hard to know how to address this delicate situation.

Once again, thank you for reminding me that I’m not in this alone !!


Amy said...


That is so crazy that you are going through this right now. My best advice is to talk to your son and tell him just what I said. Embrace it, don’t erase it. He is half you, half Dad and he should be proud of that. I would have a conversation with Grandpa too and remind him of the importance of teaching your son his entire heritage not just part of it. Have him read this if that would help. Sometimes the older generation gets stuck in history and we need to help them out of there a bit! I am so happy to be there for you! Weird about the timing huh?