Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rollin' on Dubs! =)

Back in 2000 Jamie and I bought a nice little convertible for me to drive. I loved it when we bought it, and felt it was just perfect the way it was. However, Jamie said it wasn't complete until it had rims on it. I told him, "Really, what do I need with rims!?" I could care less whether my car had rims, in fact I thought it was pretty silly and a total waste of money. I told him whatever, as long as it didn't look "pimped" out. =) He laughed! Well, one weekend Jamie took my car out and about and low and behold my car came home accessorized.....with rims! This time, I laughed! He said he just couldn't have me driving around without them on the car! You would have thought I was driving around naked! =) For some reason rims on a car are a staple in a black man's repertoire. It's a must! Well, the following Monday I went to work and was sitting at my desk and one of the guys that worked at the company came in to say hi. I think his exact words were, "Oooh, Amy is rollin' on dubs, nice!" Okay, first of all the fact that comment was even directed at me is comedy, and second of all the fact I knew what he meant is even funnier! This co-worker just so happened to be a black male as well, so of course he truly appreciated the rims! I never thought I would see the day when I would be told I was "rollin' on dubs!!! Now the funny thing is, when I am looking at cars I notice whether or not they have "pimped out" rims, and if they don't, now I think they look naked! Maybe my next car will be rollin' on 24's! =) Who knows!?


Anonymous said...

But why "dubs"? Is it short for a brand or something? I'd have no idea if someone told me I was rollin' on dubs, I'd assume they meant I ran over the old president or something and still wouldn't have know what they really meant!

Amy said...

Thank you! You see what I mean...who WOULD know what dubs meant! "Ran over the old President"...funny!

Here is a definition of dubs....

The word "dub" is used to refer to something that equals 20. Rims on a car at least 20 inches in diameter, from double-tens (i.e. 20)

We learn something new every day! Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Dear, You will not get 24's. The reason is that you LOVE to hit the curb. Yes, you may get 22's. See you have to be the BIG DAWG to ride on 24's,26's,28's and so on. There is a G. thing involved in this. So sorry it's 22's. LOVE YOU!!!!!!