Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"We Don't Think of you as White".......

Whenever we get together with Jamie's side of the family, inevitably someone will make some kind of comment about white people. Don't get me wrong it is never in a mean or obnoxious way, but it is directed specifically at white people. The comments are always meant to be funny, but what's even funnier is, I'm right there! I will look at the person that made the comment and say, "Helloooo, white person in the room!" Then they will look at me, and without a thought say, "Oh, we don't think of you as white." does one take that? I am white, and about as white as you can get actually. I don't get offended when I hear that, so do I take it as a compliment? I'm not sure. I guess so. Maybe we are all just so comfortable with each other and used to each other that we don't see color amongst ourselves anymore. This is a good thing, right?! Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? One day maybe we will all say, "Oh, I don't think of you as"....... because there will be nothing to think about, we will just be who we will be. Wouldn't that be nice?! One can dream can't they?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm behind the curve since I just recently started reading your blog. I get this comment ALL THE TIME!!! I am white- my mom's family from Germany and my dad's family from Italy. I am first generation american, but white. White as wonder bread, velveeta and trailer parks. Since my husband is Mexican, and I speak spanish, I get the stereotype comments all the time- which is typically that all white women are money hunting, girls gone wild, classless, etc. When I confront such gross comments, I get "Well, we don't think of you as white". I am white, open to all cultures, but don't need to take on a different race to enjoy the amazing traditions of each one. I hope too, that we can just not put down other cultures due to vastly ignorant stereotypes. Jenn

Amy said...

Wonder bread, velveeta and trailer parks...funny! It is just amazing to me Jenn that people assume so many things about 2 people that are a couple if they are of different races. The assumptions are not there when it is a couple of the same race so why should they be there for us? Why does there have to be any other reason for us to be together except for love? I guess we know why we are together, so that is what really matters! Right? The rest is all just irritation.

Thanks for reading!!!