Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pimp Daddy......

Flashback to 1992.....Jamie, my friend Sandy and I were all going out on the town. We rented a limo, (because that's what we did in our 20's when we had no responsibilities and money to burn) and we headed to the Hyatt in La Jolla for dinner and hanging out. We pulled up to the hotel and piled out of the limo.....2 very tall white women and one very, very tall black man. Needless to say we didn't exactly blend in....and that quickly became an understatement when we found out what event was actually going on that night at the hotel. Irony, comedy and was the Black Women's Conference! I kid you not. So here we are, 2 white women, on the arms of a black man, at the Black Women's Conference. Hmmm. =) Well, we said, what the heck, let's check it out! As we were walking through looking at all of the booths and displays the assumptions started to could just see it on everyone's faces....what's up with these three? Jamie quickly became our "pimp daddy" in the minds of many of the people there. We heard the comments and saw the stares, but we took it all in stride. Of course not everyone reacted that way, but for those that did, we just let them assume away! I will never forget that night and the irony of showing up at that particular event where Jamie officially became our "pimp daddy"........awww memories! =)

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