Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today I was out looking for an angel for a friend of mine. I needed to find an African American Angel, but of course I couldn't. This has always been an ongoing problem when looking for gifts. As a "white shopper" we take it for granted that we will always be able to find the white version of what we are looking for. This is not so true when looking for the black version. So today, even though I was shopping for a black friend and wanted a black angel, I had to buy a white angel. My daughter said I shouldn't get it because it didn't look like the person it was supposed to represent. I told her I really liked the sentiment that was written on the stand of the angel so I was going to get it anyway. I was bummed that it wasn't a black angel and even more bummed that there wasn't even an option available. These are the little things that I realize as a white woman, married to a black man, with a mixed daughter. We always made sure that Tatiana had both black and white dolls growing up and interestingly enough it was more often my side of the family that purchased the black dolls for her. So next time you are out shopping take a moment to see what is available in the black and white versions of gifts, let alone Asian, Hispanic etc. Once you start paying attention it will be an eye opener.
Today's post is dedicated to our newest angel,
LaKiesha Mason
R.I.P.....May 24th, 1988 - May 24th, 2009


Rhea said...

I hear ya' - Ben is always excited when he sees a picture, artistic rendering, figurine, even a child that he notices is "brown like me!" He doesn't yet feel left out when the representation doesn't match his skin tone (maybe because there's someone in this family who's likely represented) but he is noticeably taken when he sees a similarity.
Are we all just looking for connections?

Amy said...

I think you hit the nail on the head Rhea. Connections. =) It is so true! Love ya..A.

Anonymous said...

I have a thing about American Girl Doll in that they have no short haired dolls as well as curly. I have a beef with that. Great story.

Amy said...


Tatiana had an American Girl doll with light brown skin and long hair that was a "version" of black girls hair. We really had to play with the options to get it close to her. =) She LOVED that doll! Awww memories.
Thanks for reading. This was a hard one to write. RIP Kiesha!