Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No Room For Hate...


Banned for life.... 


Nay K. {Miami Heat} said...

TGIFriday, 2 May 2014:
Amy, it's me back at you, your #1 male fan. About racist Don Sterling, I always say that Love sees no skin color and hate sees no skin color.

The question that I have been hearing from people that I have spoken to is; how can a man who owns a major NBA team and romatically dating a woman young enough to be his grand daughter, who is Biracial {half Hispanic American & half African Black American} be a racist? That is strange to a lot of people.

He owns a team where 90%of the NBA players are Black and he has this in his heart. And here is another kicker, someone told me and then I looked it up, he is Not even proud of his own last name and Jewish heritage.

He changed his last name from TOKOWITZ to Sterling. He was ashamed of being Jewish. NBA legend said that is Not the first time, the racist bigot has been in the news, so it is not new. He is also a slum lord of apartment buildings. Here is the web link on that.


Keep up the great work, Amy and I thank the Holy Spirit of God and Christ for everyone who has an open heart and an open mind to fall in love with someone of another race and skin color. Let's get rid of racism and hatred one Interracial couple and one Biracial child at a time.

"Let's Keep Interracial Love and Marriages Alive forever" By Mr. Yesrod
Let's go Miami Heat to Win in 2014

Amy Wise said...

Nay, this story is so disheartening to me. The racism, the low self esteem of the woman involved, the looking away by so many for so many years...and on and on. There is no excuse for his behavior and the right thing was done. I pray that he finds it in his heart to really start looking inside himself and find out why he holds such disdain for a race of people. It makes no sense. It's never too late change. Thanks for stopping by! Big love to you and your fam!


escortbayann said...
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