Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Interracial Family, a Cheerios Ad and Racism....

Original Ad: 2013
Superbowl Ad: 2014

I wrote this post last June when the original commercial first aired. I'm sharing it again due to the racism surrounding the 2nd version and its airing during the Superbowl....

It is rare to see interracial families featured in commercials or even t.v. shows for that matter, so I'm thrilled to see an interracial family in the ad above. However, I am so disheartened to learn of the hateful comments surrounding this very ad.

When I saw the story on various media outlets about the Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial family and the racist backlash because of it, sadly, I wasn't surprised. My family dealt with the exact same issue when we were featured in USA Today just 1 and 2 short years ago.

Article 1:
Article 2:

I was so excited to have our family represent IR marriage in USA Today and then I remember being disgusted, shocked and hurt by the hateful words spewed in the comment section. I later spoke to a friend of mine at USA Today and she told me to stop reading them or they would drive me crazy. They ended up having to remove some of the comments because they were so racist. I had to pull myself away and realize when it comes to racism, change doesn't happen overnight, even though I wish with all my heart it would. I do have faith that one day it will be a non-issue. Clearly, as we see with the negativity regarding the Cheerios ad, we are not there yet.

This year will be our 20th wedding anniversary and 21 years together. As I have shared many times on this blog, we have dealt with all forms of racism during our years as a couple and family. I used to get angry, cry or get upset, but now I just feel sadness for anyone who carries hate in any form. Whether someone is racist, homophobic, or against another religion...hate is exhausting. I can't express enough how important it is for anyone who holds hate in their heart to let it go. In the end, the only person hate affects is the hateful person. Hate is stress and stress kills. Living a life filled with love and happiness cures more than hate, it leads to a longer life.

The thing is...nobody is born a bigot. Racism is taught. When we start accepting each other, we will stop hurting each other. I have an idea...let's start today, while eating a bowl of Cheerios! =)


NAY K. {Miami Heat #1 fan} said...

Amy,I'm back on your awesome blog. It seem like years ago that I was last on it.

I just read your new one about the Cheerios cereal commercial. Where have I been lately to miss such a beautiful commercial? I have Not seen it on t.v at all. You wrote about all the racism from the ad.

I must have been on another planet or clueless because not only have I not seen the commercial, I have not seen any negative comments. When was this beautiful ad on t.v?

Miss your blog much. Glad you are back on it. "Let's keep Interracial Love alive"... Let go Miami Heat 2013 champions.

Amy Wise said...

Nay K!

So glad to have you back! I know it's been a while since I've posted. Life has been crazy busy!

I too LOVE this commercial! So cute! It's hard to imagine anyone having issues with a loving family.

The commercial has been on for a short period of time. Not sure when it first aired.

In regards to the comments, General Mills closed down the comment section at one point because the words were so hateful. Sad.

I hope all is well with your beautiful fam. I'm so happy to be back in touch again!

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Amy: a late comment on the Cheerios I.R commercial. Many years ago, my oldest son,Alex was cast in the hit movie "Parenthood" starring Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen. Talent actor/director, Ron Howard directed the movie. At the time,they were looking to cast a bi-racial little boy and that is how with my helping him with his lines, he got the role. It was because he was a racially mixed kid.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the commercial is funny, but for viewers who live in stratified communities, they're not used to seeing an interracial family like this, even interracial couples. Everywhere around America, same race couples and families are still the norm because people want to continue bloodlines and play everything safe by avoiding difficulties with cultural and racial differences as well as avoid bad reactions from loved ones and peers of their own race who pretty much can be prejudiced and bigoted themselves. We live in a society that is afraid of taking risks and would rather play everything safe. And in some families, there's the concept of arranged marriages to one's own race as well which is another form of racism which of course, leads to more misery and trouble.

Amy Wise said...

Congrats on the role Alex had back in the day! Somehow I missed this comment entirely!


I understand completely what you are saying and I have no problem with people believing what they believe in regards to interracial marriage and family. What I do have a problem with is the hate when disagreeing with it. If someone believes in marrying someone within their race that is their prerogative. They do not however, have the right to hate someone because they choose to be in an interracial marriage. When we all start to respect each others different views, beliefs, religions, races, etc. we will live in a much more peaceful place. Disagreeing and hating are two very different things. There is NEVER a need for hate. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I liked that commercial. People in this country have a lot to learn. If you go to canada, you see interracial couples holding hands everywhere in the streets. America needs to wake up and realize that there are biracial people everywhere! Interracial couples have gone back since before civil wars times and it will continue to go on. There are alot of biracial people all over the place. Whites who once had black ancestry and vice versa, people are just too blind to realize the truth and need to wake up because now they are seeing the harsh realities in life and they don't know how to act! Wake up america and smell the roses you blind hicks!

Amy Wise said... day it will be a non-issue, but until then, those of us with open hearts just have to keep spreading the love! Thanks for stopping by!


Nay K. said...

Monday, 24 March 2014: Amy, I just want to give a shout out to my wonderful Biracial son, Alex on your blog. Anyhoo, I was reading your blog again, hoping to find a new one, but you have not wrote anything new yet, so I will comment on the racism from the Cheerios commercial. I love those commercials. However, for all of your blog fans, check out the racist comments, I believe mainly from African Black Americans who rip to shreds, pretty Biracial twin actress, Tamera Mowry for marry a White man, which is part of her racial heritage anyway. Blacks can be and some are just as prejudice as White. Go on line to: ------
and also watch this beautiful I.R commercial: and one more -----
Well in closing, for every beautiful Interracial Mix couple and for every Biracial child/adult, we are helping to stamp out black, white, brown and yellow racism and hate. Miami Heat needs a kick in their rear end for losing so many games.

Amy Wise said...

Nay K,

Thanks so much for stopping by! I just haven't had time to write on here because I'm working on so many other projects. I need to get back on and catch up!

Thank you for your open heart!!

Much love,