Thursday, January 6, 2011


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

As a young girl in rural PA, I wondered for years that if the family next door was Catholic, why wasn’t the mom a nun !~! Stereotypes or just ignorance--not sure 45 years later.

Amy Wise said...


That is hilarious! I hadn't heard that one before. A nun. =) Hmmm stereotype or ignorance? As a child it was probably pure ignorance....simple lack of knowledge. As an adult, well we all tend to stereotype even if we are not willing to admit it. Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your nun story! Hope to hear more from you.


Wyatt's Corner said...

I can't wait until Janka and I have kids. Funny post.

Jody said...

Found you via Amy Ferris' blog....this is great, too! I'll try to highlight in my CarrTalk Honks section.....see, I'm having a wee problem with linking things....sorry!

Anyway, I have a daughter married to a Chinese man, and two African-American nieces, so I'm psyched to keep reading you...

Amy Wise said...


Kids make for some comedy that is for sure! This was a good one. Thank you for stopping by again! =)



I'm so glad you found my blog through Amy her to pieces! You will find funny stories, serious stories and everything in between on my blog. Every story is an experience that we have had as a couple or family. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!


Nay K. said...

AMY & JAIME: All I can say is that you both are blessed to be in such a great marriage. I have that type of humor (sometimes) that Jaime has. I am 51 year old, but also like a big kid when not at work. i.e/e.g video games, roller skating and my favorite sport volleyball.

I like the way Jaime responds on things. My wife is the serious one, so it would not have went over as well for my household.

However, my wonderful stepdaughter,Giselle although a strong Christian 23 year old, her playfulness is closer to mine and she is a great balance between my wife and I. I even love the one about you and Jaime in "Driving Mrs. Daisy"... Keep up the great humor. Peace Out.

Amy Wise said...

Nay K!

Happy Monday...good to hear from you. Yes, humor is a MAJOR part of our relationship. We love to laugh as much as possible. =) The "Driving Miss Daisy" goes down as the all time classic funnny experience, and he STILL does it depending on where we are. Good times! Hope you and your fam are well....have a fabulous week! Amy

Dera Williams said...

I guess I'm confused why a 16 year-old would be asking that question of your husband. Do you not live in a multicultural town/environment? It is just hard for me to believe such a question came out of someon'e mouth in your home? I find his answer funny but the question leaves me scratching my head.

Amy Wise said...


We live in a very diverse community. You had to have been in the conversation to see where it came from. This was just a funny converstion that was a bit weird for sure, but it was all in good fun. That is why I prefaced the post with the fact that it was not going to be p.c. It was just a funny converstion that had such a hilarious answer, I had to share.

Thanks for reading and commenting!