Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank YOU!!!!........

Lately my schedule has not given me much time to write on my blog.  I keep taking notes about various events or situations and little by little the notes will all make their way to the blog.  Life tends to get in the way!  =)  I wish I could write all day long because I truly enjoy it!! 

Today my post however is about all of YOU out there in cyberland!  I just want to take a moment to say thank you for reading and thank you for all of your beautiful comments.  I have made many new friends across the world because of this blog and I just LOVE that we are all here for a common reason, and that is.....LOVE, pure and simple.   I am blessed to be in such an amazing marriage and even more blessed to be able to share it with all of you.  So thank YOU for taking time out of your day to read and to comment and to now be part of my life.  I truly appreciate it!  Here's to many more years of happy relationships whatever mix they might be!! 

More posts to come....if only there were 48 hours in a day!  =)  Amy 


The Exception said...

I know the feeling. There is just not enough time in the day. Got to get motivated to work on mine too.

Amy said...


I love that we have become friends through the blog and now facebook! It's so great to hear about what you and your fam are up to on a daily basis! It's wonderful! One day we are going to actually meet each other's families! For now though the blog and facebook will have to do! Hugs sent to Bama! Amy

Anonymous said...


So glad I found your blog last summer. It has been wonderful reading your blog and everyone's comments. Because of you listing it, I discovered the Loving Day website, which has brought yet another beautiful interracial couple into my world - Nay and Ester. We have become email buddies as well. It's such a wonderful thing to be in touch with people who share this common bond and aren't afraid to talk about it or showcase their interracial love and relationships. It is a blessing to the whole world for a blog like yours to be available to everyone. Opening hearts and changing minds one at a time has a ripple effect. Thank YOU, Amy, for sharing your life and love with all of us. Your family is an inspiration to us all.

Amy said...


It has been a joy getting to know you and Ray on my blog, and now also through email. I never realized what this blog would bring and reading your comments and emails have truly touched my heart. I am so happy to be able to share our experiences and to get to know such wonderful people like you. I'm so excited to be part of your photo essay on Loving Day and can't believe that you found out about Loving Day on my blog! That is so fabulous! Here is to all of us with open hearts and minds and here's to love!!


Teri Cohen said...

Everyone else has said it all Amy, but you know how much reading your blog means to me !! I am so glad to have made such a wonderful friend !!


Amy said...


I am so glad to be here for you! I know that you go through a lot in your community being in an interracial marriage and I'm so happy to be "out here" to show you that you are truly not alone! I LOVE that we have become friends as well and just have so much fun seeing the pics of your family and what you are up to! It's wonderful! Hugs sent your way! Amy

Andrea Conner said...

Thank you so much for writing this blog...I have been reading it for quite a while. So thankful that someone else understands true love and getting through all the stuff that comes with it.

Andrea Conner said...

Thank you so much for writing this means a lot to see that we are not the only ones insanely happy in our "perfect" relationship.

Amy said...


I'm so happy to know you are reading!! Love is a complicated thing isn't it....add the interracial aspect and wow, challenges abound! It all just makes us stronger and stronger and more and more in love. You gotta love our "PERFECT" relationships!!! Hope to hear from you again soon....happy reading and much love!