Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two Men...Different Worlds...One Love....Happy Father's Day!

Dad and Hubby
Two men from different worlds.  Two men that respect each other. Two men that love each other.  Two men that I never would have imagined being part of the same family.  Two men that have been there through everything. Two men that have made me who I am today. Two men that give unconditional love.  Two men that are amazing Dads.  Two men that I love with all my heart and all my soul.  Two men, different love.    Happy Fathers Day!!  I love you both! 


Anonymous said...

Please check out a website that I think you would like. It is called and has writers from all sorts of families. Interracial families have written articles and I think your writing would add to the site. All articles of course have to be approved but I think your interesting family would be terrific. Please just check out the site. I write for them as well.

Anonymous said...

Love your stories. Please see above comment. I think we could all benefit from your stories. Do you have children?

Amy said...


Thank you so much for reading! I am so glad you found my blog. I just checked out the site you were talking about and I would love to contribute stories. I am going to really dig in to it tomorrow. I have been writing for the last 2 hours and my eyes are crossed! LOL! By the way we have one daughter.

Thanks again for reading...I look forward to reading your posts as well. Have a great night!