Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Number 17..........But Really It's Valentine's Day Every Day In Our House!

Last night Jamie and I went out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day early.  Neither one of us is about going out on Valentine's night with everyone and their brother, waiting for hours for terrible service from overworked people who would rather be home with their Valentine! =) Don't get me wrong, we still celebrate on the actual day, but we will be home making special meals, spending time together, and celebrating with our daughter and her Valentine. So on that note....we were sitting at dinner and I looked at him and said, "Can you believe this is our 17th Valentine's Day together!?"  Obviously, since this year we will be married 17 years, that makes complete sense, but outside the obvious, I think we are both still amazed that we are where we are with each other 17 Valentines' later!  To us Valentine's Day is one more day to do exactly what we do every single day.  It's about loving each other every day, remembering how special we are to each other every day, and appreciating each other every day.  We hold hands more than ever, we hug, we never ever leave without saying good bye or giving each other a kiss, and if we disagree we work it out. Valentine's Day can be stressful enough because of the expectations surrounding it, but for us it's a day that just signifies even more how much we were meant to be together. So on this Valentine's Day, make it special and then on the 15th, make it special again, and then on the 16th, make it special again......okay you get the idea......happy Valentine's Day everyone, and to my favorite "piece of chocolate" on Valentine's Day number 17, I LOVE YOU now more than ever!!!   


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you both had a great Valentine's Day. I'm right there with you on not being "out" on Valentine's Day/night. We celebrated all weekend - a movie on Friday, dinner on Saturday and on Sunday, Valentine's Day, we stayed in, got a pizza and just enjoyed being together. He gave me flowers early on Friday, and I had his delivered on Sunday. I took over his other gifts on Sunday also. He LOVES cars and is always cruising car lots, reading Motor Trend, etc, you get the idea. So, I got him the one thing I know no one else ever has - a new car! It's a 1981 Malibu. It's rather small though - a hot wheel! We love practical jokes and we laughed and laughed. I told him since it was a "small" car, he would have room in his garage to park it next to his Honda. Just a glimpse at our crazy since of humor for you. :) He deserved that though, because on Thursday, when I was in the flower shop ordering his flowers, guess who came in and busted me placing the order - RAY! We live in a small town and he saw me drive up and park in front of the florist. Imagine the timing for this to happen! Of course, I beat him up right there in the shop and called him names - laughing the whole time. It was a memorable first Valentine's Day to be sure!

Anonymous said...

I really need to edit my comments more carefully - of course I meant "sense of humor," not "since of humor" - DUH!

Amy said...


I LOVE that you and Ray had such a GREAT Valentine's Day! I have done the same thing with hot wheels before too! Jamie is CRAZY about cars! I think he would take his El Camino as a second wife if he could! LOL! Laughter and special times are what create amazing two are on the way to all of that! Woohoo!