Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Believe in Yourself ~ Inspire Others ~ Spread Joy!

After a LOT of hard work, my quote book, Believe in Yourself, Inspire Others, Spread Joy!, is now published!

What began as a personal journey during a very dark time, ended up becoming so much more. I originally came up with each quote as a cathartic way to help me deal with all that I was going through. As I shared my words of motivation through Facebook and my blog, readers began to let me know how much the quotes were also helping them deal with their difficult times. It was amazing to see that the words were not only helping me, but others as well. Heartwarming. That is how my book was born.

Each page tells a story with a beautiful picture and a quote straight from my heart. All the quotes are based on my personal experiences or my family's experiences. Everyone will relate in one way or another. The words are truly like a friend that is reaching out just when you need them the most.

I'm beyond grateful at the response the book has been receiving. I'm so excited to share that it has been in the Top 100 "Hot New Releases, Motivational Books" on Amazon since its release! I'm thrilled and so thankful! After everything we have gone through over the last five years, it's surreal to have so much joy and amazingness happening. I can't stop smiling!

My hope is, that if you get my book, you use it to help you find your joy, follow your heart and live your dreams!

"Circumstances might take you down, but they can never prevent you from getting back up!" ~ Amy Wise

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Anonymous said...

If you have not had the privilege of reading my sister's motivational quotes over the last couple years, this book is your opportunity to do so! Amy is so incredibly talented and joyful, such a good and solid friend, and at the very top of the list....the BEST sister one could want. Buy her book and recommend it to others - you won't be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Amy, the best ever. Can't wait to get my copies. Love you soul sister.

Amy Wise said...

Awww my sister and my soul sister! Thank you both for your amazing comments and more importantly, for your friendship and love!!! I love you both!! A.

Nay K. said...

Amy,I am going to quote the movie character, Jeff Spicoli in a classic high school movie. Your book is "Awesome, Totally Awesome". Everyone in this country should buy a copy for those who can afford it.

Anyhoo, numbers 14,71 and 82 are the ones that I can personally relate to, however I like them all.

Peace & Blessings, {Miami Heat all the way}

Amy Wise said...

Nay K,

Thank you soooo much! I truly appreciate your messages and all of your wonderful comments! I love that you love the book! Thank you for purchasing it and for sharing your feelings about it. I'm grateful!! A.