Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interracial Marriage on the Rise.....

A report just came out from the PEW Research Center on interracial marriage. Much of the media is reporting on the study. Our family was part of the story in USA Today and the L.A. Times.

After being together for 20 years and married for 19, we don't think of each other as an interracial couple...we are a couple.

In the end, we are not made up of colors, we are just us.♥  I'm thankful and honored that our family is part of the story bringing about awareness and change. It is imperative to open minds so one day this will no longer need to be a story.

Check out some of the articles about the rise of IR marriage with our family featured:

USA Today~
Our family picture representing the USA Today article about the PEW report. (2/16/2012)

L.A. Times~
Article in L.A. Times about the PEW report with a brief interview from me. (2/16/2012)

USA Today~
Our family featured in USA Today article about the rise of interracial marriage. (11/8/2011)


Madgew said...

Your family is now the poster child for interracial marriage-love that.

Amy Wise said...

I'm beyond grateful...beyond! Love you!

NAY K. said...

Miercoles, 22 de Febrero 2012
Amy & Jamie:

I 100% totally agree with Madge W's comment here. You and your soul mate, Jamie are for sure one of America's poster children for successful Interracial marriages in this country.

And all mixed race children and interracial couples that are soul mates and still together past the 10 year mark are a beacon of hope and light to change hearts and minds in every state in this great country America.

I hope that the numbers of obviously mixed couples and mixed race children keep rising higher and higher until it no longer matters. Peace & Blessings.
Go Miami Heat.

Amy Wise said...

Nay K,

Thank you for the lovely comments. I'm actually quite honored to be a part of the national interracial story. The more we "talk" the more we have a chance of opening minds. One day it won't matter and it won't be a conversation. It will just BE!


Nay K. {Miami - Little Cuba - Florida} said...

Amy & Jamie: Last year, Ken and company gathered letters sent in by snail mail to President B. Obama to ask for Loving Day to be reconized and celebrated as a national holiday in this country. I do not know the current status of all the letters that were collected.

No, we are not asking that banks and other federal office be closed, just to make it a day on the calendar like Easter. Afterall, we got that santanic Halloween on the calendar and interracial love much more important.

Therefore, I think all of us should continue to work to get Loving Day as a holiday....

karisma said...

Hi Amy, what a wonderful site you have here. Im so glad you can share your experiences as an IR couple. much love goes out to you and your family.


Amy Wise said...


Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate the kind words. Have a BEAUTIFUL day. I will check out your site as well. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

It's nothing to celebrate nor anything normal about it no matter how much you and your ilk pretend that it is.

You can call me the usual slurs all you want...deep-down you know I'm correct and that you screwed up. I have no problem with's your life. The problem I do have is you justifying and glorifying this unnatural union and pretending there's nothing wrong with it.


Anonymous said...

Jon... you are seriously misguided. Not only are your views ignorant, but in 2013 they represent the viewpoints of a minority. We are all Homo sapiens that inhabit this awesome planet, and it is not unnatural for any member of our human race to unite in a relationship with any other human being on this Earth. Not only is it natural, but beautiful in the diversity that it creates! Your comments might have passed for the norm a few hundred years ago, but they no longer have any productive place in our society. I will pray for u and hope that you will eventually see the light...

Lorrie said...

Love the picture! <3