Monday, May 23, 2011

The Love of My Life.....

The love of my life..

He looks different than me.
He acts different than me.
He is different than me.

None of that matters,
because he is,
the love of my life.

They said he was too ghetto.
They said I was a fad.
They said we wouldn't last.

 Here we are today,
even stronger than before,
and he is STILL the love of my life.

His family is all that matters.
His family is his life.
His family is his world.

That is what's important
and that is why he is, 
the love of my life.

He is my best friend.
He is my partner.
He is my lover.

What more could I ask for,
I'm full of joy
from the love of my life.

He is my rock.
He is my shoulder.
He is my heart.

He is the love of my life.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

You have a great thing going there, Sunshine. May the steps you take lead the way to Peace. I hope your daughter’s first year at college goes really well, too. She has demonstrated the love and commitment you two have shown all these years; congratulations on the whole gig. many thanks for sharing.

Hannah Kozak said...

Sweet, short, simple, lovely! I'm so glad you found each other Amy! I can feel the love you have for him and it warms my heart.

Anonymous said...

You rock sister friend. Love you and love Jamie and Tatiana as well. You have a marriage that works and I love seeing it in action.

Deb and Barbara said...

So so so beautiful, Amy!

Kathy said...

Love the both of you. You guys are a great role models and I'm grateful to have you in our lives.

Delaney Diamond said...

What a sweet tribute to your hubby!

Amy Wise said...

Lynda....Thank you so much for your kind words and for ALWAYS taking the time to read and comment. You are such a sweetie!

Hannah....thank you! I love that it warms your heart! I'm so thrilled to be in touch with you! Hugs! dear sister friend...I can't wait to see you!! Love you too lady!

Barb...thank you thank you! I love that you stopped by! Hugs! models! What a beautiful compliment! Love you right back and grateful to have you in our lives as well!!

Delaney....thank you! It just came to me this morning and I felt like sharing!

Hugs to all of you and thank you all for taking the time to read and comment. I know you are all CRAZY busy so I appreciate it!!!


Anonymous said...

Amy what you and Jamie have is is very rare. You both are amazing people and have raised up a beautiful you woman. I am very lucky to be able to call you my friend. Love always and forever Sólrún

Arya samaj said...
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Nay K. said...

Amy, great poem to your soul mate for life. You should either get it published on greeting cards or add it in your upcoming book.

Amy Wise said...

Solrun....thank you my friend! You are so very sweet! Right back at you and your adorable hubby!


Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your comment. Hope to hear from you again soon. Thanks so much for reading!

Nay K.

Awww thanks! Maybe I will add it to my book. =) Hope all is well!


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Amy Wise said...


Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate you stopping by! Have a beautiful night!


Harveer said...

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Arya samaj said...
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