Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interview With Crime/Mystery & Interracial Romance Novelist Stacy-Deanne

Melody ~
The Award-Winning
Crime/Mystery & Interracial Romance
2008 ~ Simon and Schuster
Amy: Stacy, thank you for joining me today. I'm very excited to have an Interracial Fiction Writer on my blog since all my writing is basically real life...or rather, my life!

Stacy: Thanks for having me. I appreciate the opportunity!

Amy: The first question I'd like to ask you is how did you get into writing?

Stacy: I started writing at nineteen when I got my first computer. I loved it so much I decided to do it professionally. It made me happier than anything else did.

Amy: What inspired you to make writing your career?

Stacy: The minute I started writing, something clicked and I knew this was what I was put on earth to do. I had many stories inside of me and I wanted to share them with the world. I got so much joy from writing that any rewards outweighed the risks.

Amy: What made you choose fiction?

Stacy: Well, I love to make up stories and I’ve always had a great imagination. If I couldn’t make up my own characters or plots than I wouldn’t want to write. Also fiction is what I read. I don’t read nonfiction.

Amy: Obviously I'm very interested in your writing because so many of your characters are involved in interracial relationships. Let me ask you this....are you in an interracial relationship or have you ever been in one? Nothing like cutting to the chase right!?

Stacy: Right now I am single and no I am not looking, LOL. Yes I've been in interracial relationships.

Amy: Is this why you write about interracial relationships? Because of your experiences?

Stacy: I write interracial romances because they are a preference and interest of mine personally. I think interracial romances are beautiful and very exciting. I always loved books and movies that centered on them and I enjoy writing those types of romances.

Amy: Will all your books have aspects of interracial relationships in them?

Stacy: I can’t say if all will. I write what comes to me and what’s right for the story but the majority of my books will definitely be interracial romances. My books also contain regular romances between other characters that might not be the main characters, so usually there is more than a few couples in my novels. Along with the crime and mystery of course. LOL!

Amy: I know you are currently working on your 4th book after writing Divas in '05, Everlasting in '07, and Melody in '08. Your newest book "Giving Up the Ghost" will publish in 2011....can you give us a "taste" of the story?

Stacy: Would love to! Here’s a sneak peek of Giving up the Ghost coming April 2011. It’s the first installment in my detective and interracial romance series:

Albany Detective Brianna “Bree” Morris is having the year from hell. A sadistic admirer has been stalking her for months and now her friend Cheyenne Wilson has been beaten and left for dead.

With her ex-lover and faithful partner, Steven Kemp, Bree thrusts herself into the case. It’s not long before they believe two unrelated British men are connected to the attack. Michael is a womanizing artist with a ferocious appetite for rough sex. Simon is a wealthy free spirit looking for love in all the wrong places, but has one too many skeletons in his closet.  Bree struggles to determine fact from fiction when it comes to Michael and Simon, but her attempts are blurred by Michael's manipulation and her sexual attraction to Simon, who Steven is convinced cannot be trusted. 

Meanwhile the stalker does everything in his power to get close to Bree and his obsession evokes a spiral of violence. 

Bree must trust her heart to find answers but her heart leads her to the most dangerous man of all.

Amy: Stacy, it sounds so intriguing! I can't wait to read it!  You are a busy lady writing so many books in a fairly short period of time. Do you write full time?

Stacy: Yes I am writing full time right now.  It's funny, I wish I'd had more books out at this point but the publishing industry is very slow. LOL.

Amy: What advice do you have for up and coming writers that want to follow the dream of writing their first book?

Stacy: I want them to know it won’t be easy if they hope to seek publication. I also want them to be realistic and realize that writing is hard work. There is a difference between writing a first draft and writing something that is publishable. It takes a lot of skill, learning and hard work to write something that is good enough to be published. I’d also let them know that rarely is your first book published. I’d written twelve books before my first published book. It’s not an easy career, believe me. I’d also tell anyone they’d better love writing and do it because they love it because there is no guarantee you’ll ever get published.

Amy: Stacy, thank you so much for being here today and for giving us such an honest perspective on your writing and the "writing world" in general. It's been a pleasure having an interracial fiction writer on my blog and I just wish you so much continued success! Congratulations on your new book, I'm truly looking forward it!

Stacy: Thanks so much, Amy! I enjoyed being here and I enjoy your blog very much. To the readers and IR fans out there, keep a look out for my work and check out my web site to keep up with me:


Stephanie Williams said...

Great interview Stacy. I am sooo waiting for this book to come out! Such a talented writer! :)

NAY K. said...

Hi Amy: I found out about Ms. Stacy about 2 months ago and I was and am interested in her books because in her own words here in parenthesis fits me to a T
(Stacy: I write interracial romances because I think interracial romances are beautiful and very exciting.)

Amy, this is why a short time back when I was responding to your blog, I was said how beautiful it is that you met your soul mate, but you were not looking to marry a African American/Black man, for the both of you, it just happened.

I on the other hand since my teen years in high school have Always been attracted to women of other races, especially Hispanic and White and I was praying and hoping to marry a woman of another race and I did date a couple of Black women, but most were Latinas and White because I have such a strong attraction to them. Besides Black and whatever look good together.

Amy said...


Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed interviewing Stacy and look forward to her new book as well!

Nay K.,

How funny that you were interested in her books and now here she is! We keep having this happen! =) Thank you for the beautiful comment about Jamie being my soul mate. He sure is! Thank you as always for being such a faithful's been a treat getting to know you and your family through my blog!


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Great interview Stacy. You have been writing a long time.....You write what you love and feel and it shows.

Anonymous said...

Loved this Amy.

Amy said...


I agree it does show! Thanks for reading.


Thank you...I loved doing the interview!


Shelia G said...

Stacy, your new book sounds like it's going to be a page turner. I can't wait to get my copy. That was good advice for aspiring writers.

Zetta Brown said...

Yea, Stacy-Deanne! and Yea, Amy! It's good to know there are people who live and write about interracial relationships--not because they are "taboo" or "trendy" or "quaint" but because they are beautiful, intriguing, difficult, wonderful--just like any other type of relationship.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I just wanted to say thanks so much for dropping by! Thanks again to Amy! I loved this interview and I think it's so important to have blogs like these! Everything I said came from the heart and I appreciate everyone who's supported me!

Best Wishes!


Amy said...


I can't wait to get a copy either! Thanks for checking out the interview. Amy


Thanks so much! It's funny you said "trendy" because people used to say that I was just a "fad" that Jamie was going through! Ha ha ha! Well here we are 18 years later....=) Fad? I think not! Love is our bottom line, period. Thanks for reading and for all of your support! Amy


I had so much fun interviewing you. I know your new book is going to be a great success. Keep writing with your heart! Thanks for everything! Amy

Vivienne Diane Neal said...

Great interview. I shared it on my Facebook page. I had the opportunity to feature Ms. Stacy Deanne on my One World Singles Magazine Blog. She is a very talented author, and I wish her much success with her upcoming book.

Amy said...


Thanks for stopping by and reading the interview. I really enjoyed it and just love Stacy's positive yet realistic outlook on her writing career. Thank you for putting the interview on your facebook page...have a great weekend!


Monica Carter Tagore said...

Great interview, Stacy! Love the blog, Amy. And love certainly isn't about a color. It is about so much more. Connection. Trust. Intimacy. Shared goals. Enjoyment. If you find that in someone who doesn't look exactly like you, so be it. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...


Exactly! It seems to be so basic for so many of us, yet out of the realm for so many others. I wish everyone had open minds and open hearts like we do...the world would be a much more peaceful place wouldn't it!? Thanks for reading!