Monday, August 9, 2010

Wrong Number!

The craziest thing happened the other day.  I was out to lunch with an old college friend of mine and as we were sitting at the table talking, her phone rang.  It was a text message, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was confused about what the message said.  She looked at me and said, "You have to read this."  So I did, and I looked back at her with the same confused look she had, and said, "What the heck does that mean?!"  She said, "Well obviously they have the wrong number!"  I told her, "Text back and let them know they have the wrong number, and not only that, tell them you're a white woman!"  Now, you are probably thinking why on earth would she need to tell them that?!?  It will make complete sense when you see how it went............check it out........

-Stranger text to my friend's phone: "A, n**ga got my shoes?"
~Friend's text back to stranger: "Ummm, I'm thinking you have the wrong person!"
-Stranger: "Que, is that you? Don't play dumb n**ga!"
~Friend (with a little help from me):  "I'm not dumb, but I'm a white woman!" 
-Stranger: "Huh!?!?"

At this point my friend and I are dying laughing!!!

~Friend:  "You have the wrong number!"
-Stranger:  "Sorry."
~Friend:  "It's okay, hope you get your shoes."
-Stranger:  "LOL, yeah me too and sorry once again!"

More laughter at the table!  OUT LOUD cracking up!! 

~Friend:  "No problem."
-Stranger:  "But anyways, if you don't mind me asking, how are you?"

Okay, now apparently he thinks he can start flirting!!!!  How hilarious is that!?

~Friend:  "Fine but I'm a grown married white woman with 2 kids!"

Stranger was stopped dead in his tracks!  The end! =)  LOL!!!! 

There are many things that came out of that call.  First, my friend said to me, "How weird that I got that message when I was with you!"  Ya know, me being married to a black man and all....I WOULD be with her for the "N" word text!  Odds!?  It still makes me cringe to see the "N" word being used so flippantly even though I know he meant it as a "friendly" gesture to his "homey."  I will never understand that, ever.  The "kids" just don't get the history of the word and they think it's so cool.  It's so not!

That aside, it just cracks me up that I can be out having lunch with a friend and something as simple as a wrong number becomes a hilarious story for my blog.  As I said on a previous post, I don't ever seek this stuff out, it just keeps coming at me!  Day, after day! =)  I also stated that some days the stories will be deep and inspirational and some days the stories will be silly and fun.  Hopefully this one gave you a giggle!  It's a welcome relief to have the "funny stuff" regarding race come up once in a while.  Laughter is good for the soul, and we laughed HARD....all from a CRAZY "wrong number!?"


Anonymous said...

Too funny. Loved this.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh Madge we were just dying! What a crazy weird wrong number!!! =) It was just comedy!


KATO said...

Monday, 9 August 2010


Well, this was my point in one of my earlier e-letters and also one of my passions is to end the use of the infamous "N" word from young Blacks as well as other races. We as Black Americans get so upset when other races call us that, but we are still using the racist word ourselves and either way, it's NOT funny and not hip and not cool, joking or other wise.

Nay K.

Kim LePiane said...

Hey Amy,
This is hilarious!! Wish I'd been there. Oh wait I was!! Well written! ;). Love you!

Amy said...

Nay K.,

I totally agree! It's just a hateful word period. It makes my ears burn and my heart hurt when I see it or hear it!



I laughed the entire time I wrote this! It was just such a FUNNY day!!! This one will give me giggles for days. Not sure if it was a "had to be there" story or not but I had to share! I know you are still giggling too!

Love you right back!