Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chocolate for Me....Vanilla for You!

In any relationship, be it an interracial one or not, you have to be able to laugh and have fun!  It's so important! Jamie and I are VERY silly when it comes to each other.  18 years later, we are sillier than ever, and we make no bones about it!  For some reason there seems to be a lot of funny moments that come up in regards to us being an interracial couple.  We don't purposely set out to concentrate on the fact that we are interracial, it just happens throughout the day, and if you can get a giggle then why not?!  Laughter is good for you, right!?!  So the other day we were at the beach celebrating my birthday.  It was near the end of the day and we felt like ice cream.  I went into the ice cream shop and placed our order and when the girl handed me our milkshakes I looked down and said to my daughter and her friend, "Look, it's me and Daddy, chocolate and vanilla!" They looked at me like I was nuts! I thought it was hilarious and said, "You have to take a picture!"  Oh the teenage embarrassment, you should have seen the look on their faces.  They finally took the picture, we all got a good laugh, and off we went to enjoy our ice cream at the beach.  Of course, chocolate for me and vanilla for Jamie! =)     


jessica said...

Hee hee!

Teri Cohen said...

Amy...hahahahahahahahaha you have me rolling on the floor laughing. I thought Fredie and I were the only ones who did silly things like that. I buy the chocolate/vanilla swirl at Braums and say the same thing :) But you know, like you said you have to have fun and be silly...I think its one of the things I love best about our relationship !! Thanks for the laugh !!

The Exception said...

I am not a big fan of vanilla ice cream but love butter pecan. What does that mean? LOL. Totally get what you are saying about interracial relationships and the quirky things that pop up because of them.

Amy said...

Jess....hee hee exactly!

Teri....If you can't have fun in a relationship it would be very boring and very sad wouldn't it!? We love to be silly, so glad you guys are the same! Happy to give you a good laugh! It's the best. =)

Daryl.....butter pecan...hmmmm. =) Isn't it fun having all the quirky things happen in interracial relationships? Good times, good times!

Thanks for reading all!!! Amy

Anonymous said...

Funny! Happy Birthday, Amy!


Amy said...

Thank you Heather! Hope all is well! Keep me posted on your events! =) Amy

Anonymous said...

I had a chance to read your article finally, I really enjoyed it! You are so talented, you have an amazing family,..you are truly blessed!


Amy said...


Thank you so much for the beautiful comment and thanks for reading! =)